ALIEN GOBLIN is a collection of 3,000 Bored NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the next project . Web3 is best felt through shared ownership, transparency, privacy and the realization of those gains for days.

ALIEN GOBLIN arrive in our world long time ago and they have lived with us for thousands of years. They are not differentiated by genders Their mission is to observe humans. They have been a little disappointed from what they have seen but they are sticking around and still hopeful.

3000 NFTs
2000 NFTs
500 NFTs
500 NFTs

Below are all shuffled product file code, each wallet can FREE MINT 3 NFTs, final product package will be updated on official site on AUG 22, 2022



JUN 28
NOT FROM THIS WORLD and ALIEN GOBLIN offically launch!

AUG 17
ALIEN GOBLIN blind box launch on opensea platform

AUG 23
ALIEN GOBLIN first launch total 3000 NFTs. 2000 NFTs in jpeg format, 500 NFTs in gif format and 500 NFTs in mp4 format. All products will be fully shuffled, and all free mint packages listed on our official website. Official site launch eCommerce functions

SEP 15 and on
Monthly loyalties and derivative awards announcement. Collection set announce on official site and all social channels.

DEC 15
ALIEN GOBLIN REBORN launch. All ALIEN GOBLIN collectors enjoy below benefits: Collector with all 3 file formats, free drop 2 NFTs Collector with a full set of collection, free drop 5 NFTs


Is this the NTFW collection?
“alien goblin” is a notfromthisworld production. It’s the prequel to the main collection “NTFW”.

How much is the mint?
You can have it for free, oh and you gotta pay for gas

When is the mint?
Aug 23,2022

What are the maximum mints per wallet?
aliengoblin is a rare resource, so we have decided to ration it to 3 per wallet It’s free. Don’t be greedy.

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